Here is a list of soldiers, on the website, who died in the First World War.

(click the names and a page from the website will open for you in a new page/tab when you have finished with that page/tab you can close the tab to return to the list here).

The list has been researched, compiled and presented by the authors: Stephen Wilson, Alan Howe and Neville Ashby. The individual names this Ossett list link directly to detail about the individuals, as presented on their website. In many instances there are photos of the individuals.

Stephen, Alan and Neville's work has spanned years of painstakingly accurate hard work since 2014. (Thank you for allowing us to make those links)

Have a good browse through...we are sure you will find it interesting yet poignant.


Ossett WW1 Fallen

John Akeroyd
James E. B. Allott
Charles H. Almond
Harry Ambler
Eli Townend Archer
Fred Armitage
Norman W. Armitage
Herbert Ashby
Fred Asquith
Harry Asquith
John W. Asquith
John W. Atkinson
Arthur J. Audsley
Edgar Audsley
Percy Audsley
Wilfred Audsley
Sam Balmforth
Joseph Baron
George A. Beaumont
Fred Beetham
Harry Beetham
Harry Bickle
Alfred Bilbrough
George H. Bingham
Charles E. Binns
William Binns
Jesse Birkinshaw
Fred Blackburn
William Blackburn
Herbert Boocock
Wallace Booth
Harry Bowers
Fred Brammer
Joseph Broadhead
Kisby Brook
Vincent Brooke
Leonard Brooke
Harold Brown
Alfred Mead Buckett
Alfred Burrill
David Butterfield
William Butterfield
Joseph Henry Carter
Walter Chappell
William Chappell
Willie Chappell
Jason Oliver Clafton
Robert Clarkson
Bernard Clayton
James W. Clayton
William Coe
George A. Coldbeck
Allen Cooper
Squire Cooper
John William Couch
George R. Coulson
Horace Craven
Albert Cudworth
Edgar Daniel
Harold Day
George A. Deighton
Cyril Denison
Charles H. Derry
Arthur Dews
Ernest Dews (1)
Ernest Dews (2)
Fred Dews
Herbert Dews
William Dews
Willie Dews
Edwin Dickson
Joe Dixon
H. Thornton Drake
Albert Duncan
John T. Dunhill
Frederick E. Eastwood
Harry Ross Eastwood
Jim Fox Elliott
Harry Ellis
John Ellis
John W. Ellis
Joshua John Ellis
Laurence Ellis
Walter Ellwood
George Arthur Ely
James Erly
Claude Farrar
Oscar Fell
Thomas Felton
Ernest Firth
Claude Fisher
Joseph S. Fisher
William H. Fisher
Walter Flesher
Harry Fothergill
Clifford Fozard
James Frudd
Harry H. Furniss
William Cecil Gadie
Charles B. Gara
George Gawthorpe
William Gawthorpe
Herbert Gordon Gee
William F. Gee
Harold Giggal
Leslie Giggal
Willie Giggal
Harry Gillion
Arthur Gillson
Horace Glover
Thomas Pyrah Godley
Frank Goldthorpe
Walter Goldthorpe
Wilfred L. Goldthorpe
Harvey Grace
Logan J. Grace
John W. Gray
Samuel Green
Thomas W. Green
George Griffiths
Oswald Grogan
Thomas Grogan
John Edwin Guest
Victor Gummerson
George W. Haigh
William Haigh
Alfred H. Hall
Benjamin W. Hall
Robert T. Hall
John R. Hanson
Walter Hanson
George Hargreaves
Joseph E. Harlock
Louis Harrison
Ernest Harrop
Leonard Harrop
Robert Harper
Fred Gooder Hatfield
John William Heaton
George Hemingway
Harry Hemingway
George W. Hemsworth
Clifford Hepworth
William Hetherington
Charles Hewitt
Irving Hill
Irvin Hinchliffe
William Hinton
George Edward Hirst
Raymond Algeno Hirst
William Holder
Herbert Holland
Albert Holmes
Edward Humphrey
Clifford Ibbotson
Albert E. Illingworth
Herbert Illingworth
Wilby Illingworth
C. Wilton Illingworth
Thomas Isaacs
Oscar Ivinson
Anthony Jackson
Herbert Jackson
Ignatious Jackson
Ernest Jessop
George Edward Jessop
John Edward Jordan
George Johnson
Herbert H. Johnson
Harry Kellett
Joseph Kitson
Jesse Lamb
Claude M. Lawrence
Fred Laycock
Harvey Lilley
Andrew Lockwood
Harry Lockwood
Joshua Lockwood
Stanley Lockwood
John M. Lucas
Ernest Lythell
Clifford Manners
Harry Martin
James H. Matthews
Joseph Megson
George Metcalfe
Wilfred L. Midgley
Joshua Mitchell
Alfred Naylor
Peter Nelson
George Nettleton
Harold Nettleton
William Nettleton
Herbert L. Newsome
William Newsome
Willie Newsome
Clarence Norton
Walter Norton
George Oldroyd
George H. Oldroyd
Gilbert S. Oldroyd
George A. Onion
Sam Padgett
Sidney S. Page
Fred S. Parker
Joe Parkinson
Arthur J. Parsons
Robert E. Pennington
William H. Phillips
Edwin S. Pickard
George A. Pickard
Joe Pickard
Harry Pickersgill
Clifford C. Pickles
Edgar Pickles
John Pickles
John Plant
Albert Posliff
James L Preston
Richard Preston
John H. Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
Walter Reynolds
Arthur Richardson
Fred W. Richardson
Lionel Richardson
Bernard Richmond
James Richmond
John Harold Richmond
Fred Riley
Claude Robinson
Fred Robinson
George E. Robinson
William Rollinson
Lionel H. Rooke
David Rothery
James Ryan
George Sanderson
Henry Sanderson
Rowland Saxton
Llewellyn Scott
Vincent Scott
Frank Sharpe
George W. Sharpe
John W. Shaw
Arthur Sheard
George A. Shillito
Harry Simpson
Ernest Smith
Fred Smith
George Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith
Oliver Smith
Willie Smith
Oliver Speak
Clifford Spedding
John Spedding
Percy Speight
Percival L. Spurr
Thomas W. Spurr
Ezra Squires
Sam Stephenson
Herbert Stokoe
Lionel E. V. Straw
Robert E. Stubbs
John J. Stubley
George Summerscales
Herbert Sutcliffe
Harry Swallow
Arnold Swithenbank
Arthur Sykes
Fred Talbot
George W. Talbot
Joe Tattersfield
George H. Taylor
James E. Taylor
Albert Rayner Teale
Edward Teale
Frank Terry
Herbert Terry
Walter Terry
Horace C. Thompson
Richard G. Thompson
Henry Tingle
Arthur Todd
Levi Tolson
William Tomlinson
Archer Townend
Gerald Townend
Walter Turner
Herbert Vickers
Harvey Wainwright
Norman Wainwright
Wilfred Wainwright
Clifford Walker
Frank Walker
Harry Walker
Victor Walker
Daniel Ward
Fred Ward
John Mercer Ward
Joshua Ward
Ernest Webster
Israel B. Westerman
Willie P. Whitaker
Arthur White
Charles L. Whitehead
John J. Whitehead
Clifford Whitworth
George Wilby
John W. Wilby
Thomas W. Wilkinson
Lawrence Williamson
Albert Wilman
Joseph F. Wilson
Lawrence D.R. Wilson
Arnold Windle
Harry A. C. Woodward
Herbert Woollin
John B. Young
Crampton Youngs

© Stephen Wilson, Neville Ashby and Alan Howe

Last Updated: July 30th 2020