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2021 Horbury Show under consideration re Covid-19 Pandemic

2021 02 08 Show consideration notice



COVID-19 Horbury Show 2021 - Current Status

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Young Good Citizens Awards 2020
Tobias Murphy

prize pic 1 resized for web

The Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix today presented a Young Good Citizen Award to Tobias Murphy, a 14 year old, year 10, pupil at Horbury Academy.

Tobias lives in Horbury and while being off school during the pandemic was bored and wanted to do something to help others in an attempt to try and make a difference. He noticed a neighbour who was struggling to maintain his driveway and gardens both front and back, so he offered to weed and jet wash the area and over two days completely cleared the whole area.

The man concerned was so impressed that he paid Tobias, much to his surprise! So Tobias decided (entirely his own choice) to use the money to buy some weed killer to spray the drive and prevent the weeds from coming back. He also did this for his grandparents in Sandal as well as making them a banana loaf to leave on their doorstep, cheering them up.

Tobias has also acted as a young carer to his younger brother who has health issues, managing his medication and providing reassurance during these difficult times and providing some relief for the rest of the household.

Furthermore, Tobias, whilst on his daily walk during lockdown, also decided he wanted to write to local care homes in Horbury and Ossett, asking if he could be a pen pal to any of the residents that may be feeling lonely. As a result of this offer he has started a regular written chat with an elderly gentleman. Their talks about tanks or world wars is a favourite topic of Tobias'. He has also encouraged his three siblings to do the same which they have all done.

Tobias has set a wonderful example of what our young people can do and demonstrates the Rotary "Service Above Self" motto admirably. A very deserving recipient of this award.

Well done Tobias.


Young Good Citizens Awards 2020
Emma James

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It is with great pleasure that the members of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary Club present this Young Good Citizens award for 2020 to Emmie James.

In recognition of her selfless dedication in sewing face masks for anyone who needed them, and also for providing them to care home residents and staff during this year's lockdown periods, free of charge.

Emmie, whilst having to cope with her own daily life challenges, shows she is also prepared to think of others during this Covid pandemic. The Rotary club believe Emmie should be congratulated and honoured, for her voluntary work, by the presentation of this well deserved Young Good Citizens Award.

Well done Emmie.


After careful consideration the Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix has decided that it will not be able to carry out it's annual series of ‘Santa’s Sleigh’ street collections this year.

Along with the Horbury Show this event is usually a highpoint of the year for the club and one of the two major fund raisers for the club’s Charitable Trust. All the money raised by the club is used to support charities and good causes, a high majority locally.

The Phoenix Rotary Club has already donated £1000 each to Ossett Santa & RudolfResource Centre food bank and the St Georges Community (Lupset) food bank, to help provision during the Christmas period and was hoping to supplement that with a further 50% of whatever was collected during the Sleigh Runs.

A QR code is being set up to enable members of the public to donate directly to the Rotary Club’s Charitable Trust... 50% of what is received via that means, up until 6 January, will be shared with the food banks. The remaining 50% will be used for the Trust Fund’s other charitable purposes.

Club President Steve Driver said, “Whilst we are very disappointed not to be out on the streets of Horbury and Ossett helping Santa to spread Christmas cheer, we know it is the right decision in these difficult times, and we understand that Santa will still be making his important home deliveries on Christmas Night.

We will be back with Santa in December 2021 and want to wish everyone a Safe, Healthy and Merry Christmas.


The second of two more Defibrillators in Horbury in the same month was installed on Monday 28th September at the premises of Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors on Westfield Road, Horbury. Earlier a defibrillator was installed at Hall Cliffe School, Dovecote Lane, Horbury. Both defibrillators were installed, free of charge, by HS Electrical Services Ltd of Wakefield. The Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix organised the purchase and installations with money from their Charitable Trust Fund combined with that raised through local donations organised by Sue Twohig and a significant individual sum donated by a local resident. A number of Horbury retail businesses joined in the fundraising inspired by Sue Twohig’s lead.

Rotary Club President Steve Driver said, “There are now 4 Defibrillators available for emergency Community use in Horbury. Access is through the Yorkshire Ambulance Service via the 999 system. We will continue to be involved with the maintenance of them and be looking to obtain and installs at least one further Defibrillator in the wider area of Horbury and Ossett in the near future.”

If anyone wishes to contribute towards the cost of a new defibrillator or the maintenance of existing ones in the Horbury and Ossett area they should contact the Rotary Club via their website Money donated for Defibrillators will be placed in a specific designated account.

Anyone making purchases on Amazon Smile and wishing to support the wider work done by the Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix can name the clubs Charitable Trust as a beneficiary. (Smile Amazon supporting The Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Trust Fund)


Photo: Electriicians Brent and Chris of HS Electrical Services Ltd fitting the Defibrillator cabinet at the offices of Chadwick Lawrence, Westfield Road, Horbury.

HS Electricals Fitting Defibrillator


Press Release
Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix

Community Life Saver installed

The combined efforts of community fundraisers and the Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix has resulted in the first of two additional Defibrillators being installed in Horbury. Sited on the wall of Hall Cliffe School close to the entrance gate at the top of Northgate, Horbury, the defibrillator secure box is being powered and maintained for community emergency use by Witherslack Group who run Hall Cliffe School. HS Electrical Services Ltd, of Wakefield, completed the installation free of charge. Access to the equipment is controlled by Yorkshire Ambulance Service who when appropriate will direct 999 callers to its location and provide them with the access code.
The Rotary Club started a project to install additional defibrillators during 2019 and after a joint venture with Horbury Working Members Club was achieved had started looking for additional sites when they received some unexpected boosts to their efforts, first from an anonymous local donor who effectively contributed the full capital cost of a defibrillator, and second from fundraising started by Sue Twohig and the Horbury St Peters Bellringing Group who having witnessed the recovery of a patient by use of the defibrillator in a local public house were determined to help provide another piece of this life saving equipment. Working both independently and with the Rotary Club over £2500 was raised through collection boxes in Boons, Fishwicks Greengrocers, Browns Cleaners and other businesses, as well as Morley Masonic Lodge. The balance to complete the purchase and ongoing maintenance costs were provided from funds previously raised by the Rotary Club.
A site for a further Defibrillator on Westfield Road, Horbury, has been identified and negotiations with the building owners are hoped to be concluded in the next 2 weeks.
Rotary Club President Steve Driver said, “We know this equipment can save lives that may otherwise have been lost and working with the ambulance service are trying to provide a good level of access within the Horbury and Ossett Area. We are starting to look for at least one further site and will be pleased to receive donations from members of the community towards the cost which will be placed in a designated fund for that purpose. We will also be utilising our collection boxes in local businesses. It is great what can be achieved when different people and groups and people from within our community combine their efforts to do something good.”

Picture: Defibrillator Installation at Hallcliffe School. Present left to right, Rotarian Bill Sutton, Toby Farmer Building Manager Hall Cliffe School, Sue Twohig – fundraiser, Rotarian Steve Brook.
Defib Hallcliffe School 80pc

Pew Left Standing

Another great job provided by The Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix. We were approached by Darren Byford on behalf of Father Christopher about the possibility of refurbishing the two benches on St Peter’s Church forecourt in Horbury. Three members stepped forward and dismantled the benches on Wednesday, which could only be described as an act of mallets. By the Friday the refurbishment was complete, which involved the removal of the degrading plastic coating on the frame, elimination of rust and repainting with Hammerite. The wooden seats and back were sanded down and needed no protection due to the natural properties of teak. They were then reinstalled looking better than new within 48 hours. Many thanks to all involved.






A virtual meeting of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary Club began at 6pm on Thursday 14th May 2020

The meeting was conducted using ZOOM Videolink. 27 members attended and two special guests were welcomed:

District Governor of 1040 Dr Manoj Joshi, member of Bradford Club, Deputy Lieutenant West Yorkshire and Past District Governor of 1220 Gordon McGlone, founder member of Phoenix, member of Osgoldcross & Elmete Club.
During the meeting Paul Harris Fellowships were presented to acknowledge the charitabe service given by two Past Presidents, both keen Rotarians for over 20 years.

Behind the scenes, the awards were kept secret and at 10 past 6 the parcels were delivered to be opened live on camera by the surprised recipients : Phoenix International Chairman Mike Bradley and Assistant Governor of District 1040 Inner Nine Mike Gill.

They held their certificates for the audience to see as both were confirmed with their Paul Harris Fellow citations by Phoenix President Phil Johnson and Rotary District 1040 Governor Manoj Joshi.

The citation to Mike Bradley PHF is for services to Phoenix Club as President, as Committee Chairman and in recognition of charitable service in the Local Community with Night Shelter for the homeless.

The citation to Mike Gill PHF is for services to Phoenix Club as President, as Committee Chairman and in recognition of leadership, representing the Inner Nine Group within RIBI District 1040.

Rotary District 1040 Governor Manoj Joshi endorsed the good work done by Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary both locally and worldwide and concluded by warmly congratulating both Mikes on becoming Paul Harris Fellows.

RC of HO Phoenix Zoom Meeting Thur 14th May 2020.