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When and what kind of work do we need help with?

We are looking for volunteers for a wide range of jobs during the weekend of the Horbury Show and the majority only require a reasonable level of strength and fitness.

Planning and organising of the show begins in January and even after the Show work goes on to eventually finish about two weeks later in early July, with the clearing up, final accounts, and letters of thanks. This work is carried out by a committee of 10 people and skills required include good team working, initiative, clear verbal and written communication, imagination, organising ability, and a good community network.
The physical work for the show really starts a few weeks before the Show with the posting of advertising signs at approved locations.

The Show Weekend:

Friday 24th June

  • On Friday 24th before the Show on Sunday 26th June, traffic cones and 18 wheelie bins will need to be collected and stored to be available for use early on Show Day. Cones are usually collected on Friday morning and the bins after 4pm in the afternoon.

Saturday 25th June

  • 10am on Saturday morning will see a team of Rotarians and volunteers loading all the equipment which will be required on the day from 3 storage locations onto two vehicles – before they are securely parked up ready for driving into the park early Sunday morning. The collecting of equipment and loading of the vehicle involves some heavy lifting but a team of 8 and a team of four is usually sufficient.
  • Saturday morning also sees a small team of people marking out the park site to show the position of stalls, main ring, dog show ring and other areas and routes and Saturday afternoon involves a larger group of Rotarians and volunteers undertaking a park clean up including picking up of litter and any dog mess found in the main showground areas.

Sunday 26th June - Show Day

  • Sunday morning (5.30am) a small team start placing the road direction signs on the surrounding roads to guide stall holders and public to the correct entrances to the park - this work is usually completed by about 7.30am.
  • Also out early, usually about 6.30am, are a small team placing the 'No waiting” cones on the streets immediately adjacent to the park to minimise disruption to residents and ease traffic flow.
  • The bulk of the set-up work begins at 7am with the arrival of the vehicles loaded with all the equipment - these need offloading into the right locations and the process of setting up rings with pins and ropes, erecting internal signage, setting up catering areas, positioning stall holders and their vehicles, managing safe routes for traffic and pedestrians, manning the 3 gates. The bulk of physical work connected with the setting up of the rings is usually completed by about 9am, but there is always additional work to be done assisting some stall holders with their setting up. The erection of tents and gazebos are tasks which we are regularly called upon to assist with.
  • From about 9.30am onwards a steady trickle of members of the public and stall holders continues until 11am when the Show is officially opened and performances start in the main ring.
  • Two people are allocated to ensuring the performers are in place and on time throughout the day whether they be in the main ring or side areas such as the brass band or the Punch and Judy show.
  • Parking of our customers cars is a major operation in itself, we operate a one-way system for the public car parking area and managing the exit is just as important as the entrance, especially from about 3.30pm onwards.
  • We distribute programmes and seek donations from the public in the park and seek further donations as they leave the park - it is just shaking a bucket and asking if they have enjoyed the show. Two Rotarians will be equipped with contactless credit/debit card readers to allow people not carrying cash to make their donations.
  • Throughout the show team members take turns in pairs to empty the wheelie bins and carrying the waste in plastic bags to an enclosed rubbish lorry (which will be removed after the end of the Show).
  • About 4pm the volume of traffic leaving the show increases significantly and as a consequence extra team members are required to marshal the vehicles to the main exit at the junction of Church Street and Wakefield Road (We employ a traffic management company to direct traffic on the highway).
  • As the show closes at 4.30pm we start dismantling the rings, directing all the stall holders and veteran cars on safe routes at low speeds to the showground exit at the top of Sunroyd, and collect all equipment (including No Waiting cones) for loading onto vehicles ready for return to storage. All the wheelie bins are emptied and a litter pick of the park is conducted. Once vehicles are fully loaded teams are sent with them to the storage locations for offloading. Usually, the park is clear of activity by 6.30pm.

Monday 27th June

  • All the street signs are removed and returned to storage.

There are opportunities to assist in all activities and the following grid has been designed to enable volunteers to identify what they would like to do to help and the times they are available/willing to do so. Ideally a minimum of two hours commitment will be great.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  1. If you do want to volunteer to help us, please download the above Registration Form, fill it in, sign it and on the day of the Show hand it in to the Blue Rotary Caravan.

  2. In addition we would appreciate some advance information via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ..... as follows:
    • Refer to the coloured table above.
    • Provide your preferred "Day/s & Times" of availability.
    • Provide your preferred "Jobs" taking into account the "Comments" provided in the table.

Thank you.

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