The Horbury Show 2021 is cancelled

2021 02 08 Show cancellation



The Horbury Show 2021 is cancelled

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After careful consideration the Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix has decided that it will not be able to carry out it's annual series of ‘Santa’s Sleigh’ street collections this year.

Along with the Horbury Show this event is usually a highpoint of the year for the club and one of the two major fund raisers for the club’s Charitable Trust. All the money raised by the club is used to support charities and good causes, a high majority locally.

The Phoenix Rotary Club has already donated £1000 each to Ossett Santa & RudolfResource Centre food bank and the St Georges Community (Lupset) food bank, to help provision during the Christmas period and was hoping to supplement that with a further 50% of whatever was collected during the Sleigh Runs.

A QR code is being set up to enable members of the public to donate directly to the Rotary Club’s Charitable Trust... 50% of what is received via that means, up until 6 January, will be shared with the food banks. The remaining 50% will be used for the Trust Fund’s other charitable purposes.

Club President Steve Driver said, “Whilst we are very disappointed not to be out on the streets of Horbury and Ossett helping Santa to spread Christmas cheer, we know it is the right decision in these difficult times, and we understand that Santa will still be making his important home deliveries on Christmas Night.

We will be back with Santa in December 2021 and want to wish everyone a Safe, Healthy and Merry Christmas.