The Horbury Show 2021 is cancelled

2021 02 08 Show cancellation



The Horbury Show 2021 is cancelled

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David and Debbie Waller – People and Dogs Society

This award goes to two people who have, over a number of years, committed themselves to improving the lot of both people and animals – or more specifically, dogs.

David and Debbie Waller were founder members of the People and Dogs Society (PADS) in 1988. Since then they have both given unstinting and entirely voluntary service to the cause of resolving dog (and people) related problems. At a time well before the internet took over, PADS developed what was then a unique helpline which over time spread across a large part of the country – in fact over 27 counties. Volunteers with PADS responded to requests for help and advice which went far beyond animal welfare issues (although that aspect was important). PADS provided telephone help-lines (and leaflets) covering any dog related problem - from puppy training to bad behaviour of dogs and their owners, to legal worries.

Not only have Debbie and David worked in support of PADS and its support for responsible dog ownership, with Debbie in particular being the Chairman of PADS for a number of years, but they also have a direct link to this Rotary Club through their participation in our major fundraising event of the year, the Horbury Show. They have organised the dog show at the last 14 of the 15 shows which we have run and we – and the visitors to the Show are deeply in their debt.

The Club is therefore delighted to make this award to David and Debbie Waller in recognition of their long service to the community (and particularly to the canine members of Society).

Pauline Bradley, Linda Carlton and Carol Bedford – School Crossing Patrol Wardens

Pauline Bradley has been a crossing patrol warden at St Peters School, Horbury, for over 25 years and has also been involved with the toddlers group for 10 years. In her spare time she continues to give her time as a youth leader at Horbury Youth Club.

Linda Carlton has been a crossing patrol warden at Clifton Infants School, Horbury, for 15 years, and is regularly involved in talking in school about road safety as well as providing cover as a dinner lady when required.

Carol Bedford has been crossing patrol warden at Horbury Junior School for over 30 years and throughout that time has also been involved with the school Road Safety Group and cycling proficiency training classes

It is not just a job to these three ladies, they engage with the children earning their respect and friendship, something which is remembered by many former pupils who are now parents of children attending the same schools.

All three ladies have consistently given more to the children than their duties require and we are delighted to honour them with their Good Citizens Award.

John Wardell and Glen English – Junior Cricket

John Wardell

John Wardell has been involved with Horbury Bridge Cricket Club as a player since he was 10 years old. Over the years he has played for the club at all levels and went on to become the club coach with numerous junior teams. He has seen many players take up the sport and has got many of them off the streets and involved with the club and as many as eight players have come through the ranks and play for the first team and some are now involved with coaching the junior teams. We are delighted as Rotarians to present this well deserved award to John in recognition of his outstanding service to junior cricket and thus the wider community.

It is a milestone year for the club as they celebrate 125 years since their formation and in recognition of that and their continued efforts to promote junior cricket we are to assist in the purchase of much needed equipment for the junior teams.

Glen English

Glen English has been involved with Netherton Cricket Club for many years as a player and over 10 years as a Juniors coach. He has worked tirelessly at Netherton to bring in junior cricket and they have teams at all junior ages. It is often forgotten that England’s Ladies Team is the Cricket World Champions and they too need grass roots support by developing girls to represent their country in years to come. Forgotten by some but not by Netherton CC nor Glen English, in the 2012 season the club will have a junior girls team and Glen has obtained a portakabin which has been converted into changing rooms too which we will be making a contribution in the form of benches. We are very pleased to recognise the outstanding service Glen has given to junior cricket and the community in Netherton by presenting him with a Good Citizens award.

Each recipient was presented with a certificate and a memento.